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  Wenzhou Changcheng foundation engineering Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in the foundation and foundation engineering construction enterprise, it has the construction of a foundation and foundation engineering professional qualifications, the company registered capital of 53.8 million yuan (RMB) , 330 million yuan (RMB) in fixed assets.

Our company contract industrial, civil construction, transportation, water conservancy, pier construction of various types of foundation and foundation pit support and deep foundation treatment engineering, improvement, R & D related pile machine and all kinds of construction equipment.The main types of pile foundation construction companies: Pneumatic DTH hammer drilling pile, cyclotron and impact bored pile, three axis SMW method ( bulletproof steel or prefabricated h pile ), static pressure and large diameter 1-3m tubular pile hammer, hammer prestressed pipe pile, precast pile, vibro pile, I-shaped immersed tube piles deep cement mixing pile, etc.

The company has a number of national invention and utility model patents, in which " a dry pneumatic rock drilling pile machine and method " ( Patent No. 200910126569.1 ), rapid construction of Φ 600-900 embedded high MPa ( 100MPa ' ) in the above bedrock weathering, or through the boulder gravel layer of high bearing capacity of pile or pile. The creation of a single pile machine daily construction in Zhejiang Lishui completed 600 mm diameter of pile, the pile length 14m of bored pile in 20, up to 24, the cumulative daily wear gravel, stroke of the volcano rock 260-300m, equivalent to 40-45 impact complete drilling pile machine works, is 3-4 times of day, Han with the process of construction of the number of piles, and the clean, civilized, no noise, no slurry pollution. The result was the second, the third China International Summit Conference of deep foundation pile and elected congress speech ).

Our company existing staff and engineering technology and management personnel 529 people, professional and technical titles 70 people, among them: advanced title 10 people, intermediate title 30 people, primary, the construction of two divisions and 25 project managers. 

The company since its inception in 1994, construction footmark spreads all over the province, occupy a certain market share in the region of southern Zhejiang, and expanding the Fujian, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Guangdong Anhui province market. In recent three years. To undertake all types of foundation and foundation engineering, foundation pit engineering project 100 multinomial, an inspection acceptance rate of 100%. Excellent reaches above 70%, to obtain construction " Oujiang Cup" award, in 2010 the Wenzhou based engineering credit enterprises, in 2003 through the GB/T19001-2000 IDT ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, and the establishment of a branch, the two branch, set up offices in Ruian, Pingyang, Cangnan, Yueqing, Lishui, Zhoushan, Shenzhen and other places. Company advanced equipment, strong, have a pile machine and other mechanical equipment more than 100 Taiwan ( sets).

Over the years, the company always adhere to the " quality first, safety first, reputation first " principle, innovation and development is committed to all kinds of foundation and foundation engineering new technology, new technology and construction equipment. Two 00 year the establishment of the subordinate enterprises of Wenzhou Harbor Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., two 00 two years with Beijing construction machinery research institute cooperation design and production of the JMB150Z multifunction rotator cuff drilling machine, and independent development and production of the cylinder pile foundation construction, the foundation for the development of construction equipment for the standardization, seriation, multifunction. Two 00 six years established a joint venture in Wenzhou Heng Pipe Company Limited, the production of prestressed concrete pipe pile of 1000000 meters. Two 00 eight annual Wenzhou San Ping mud solidification processing Co. Ltd., specialized treatment of river silt and piling mud, and the recovery of production of building brick, become city pile of new technology and new process, mud environmental treatment, combined with the basic engineering.

In short, the company adhere to the "quality of trust, honesty is the best policy" " scientific and technological innovation" business purposes, to high-quality, high efficiency, safety is the fundamental enterprise development, dedicated to serve the community.