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Wenzhou city live lectures on moral education construction

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In order to further enhance the quality supervision system of credit consciousness, and consciousness, responsibility consciousness and culture consciousness, promote further enhance the moral level of the whole industry, August 27th afternoon in the City Project Construction Committee Office live meeting 18, held a seminar on quality supervision system of moral education in 2012. The lectures are invited to the Party School of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee and director of the Department of culture and sociology professor Chen Zhongquan.

In more than 2 hours of lecture, Professor Chen combining traditional culture " disciples regulation " and other classic content, analysis of the causes of the current social problems, explain profound theories in simple language, from the perspective of ethics load one's pages with references to expatiate the meaning of law and morality, deeply about the criterion of good and evil, and the importance of occupation morals, have family virtues of good and specific embodiment. Professor Chen, rich in philosophy, plain language, profound analysis, insightful, deeply attracted every listener is present, a lot of ideas and opinions with the audience resonate.

In this lecture, so that we can put our traditional Confucian moral values and the combination of modern social life, the quality supervision system of cadres and workers to establish the correct values, to deal with the problem of work and life more effectively has positive significance. At the same time will also encourage all the staff to forge ahead, pay close attention to the current, do solid work, in order to speed up the " three fusion, happy Wenzhou" build up establishment construction.